An Introduction to Linguistic; A Practical Guide Second Edition


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About The Author

Susi Herti Afriani

When I was doing my Master at Flinders University, Australia, I read many qualified books related to linguistics written by popular researchers. Today, I am so pleased that my beloved friend Susi had written a very interesting book. This book An Introduction to Linguistics is useful for those who are interested in linguistics, especially for beginner readers. This book can be an important information and be a good sourse for teachers, researchers, and students.
Manalullaili, M. Ed.
(Dosen State Islamic University (UIN) Raden Fatah Palembang]
An Introduction to Lingustics which is written by Susi Herti Afriani is an Introduction book for beginners. This book tries to introduce Linguistics with simple language and understanding. The writer puts several concepts which for many Indonesian readers are a new concept, for example a concept that relates to Semiotics and typology. It is hoped that this book will open the insight of the beginners in Linguistics and encourage them to go deep into Linguistics. It is seldom to find an Introduction to Linguistics book in Indonesia, and hopefully this book will solve this problem.
M. Umar Muslim, Ph. D
(Lecturer of linguistic at Universitas Indonesia)


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